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St. Paul's Higher Secondary School

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Golden Jubilee Year 1965 -2015

Rules Of The School

  1. Wear full school uniform
  2. Bring daily your own pen, pencils, paper, note books, books or instrument box needed for the day or session.
  3. Come to school at least five minutes before commencement and attend the Moring Assembly, Flag hoisting, Prayer, classes and meeting punctually.
  4. Great Teachers with - "Vanakkam" or Good Moring / Evening / Afternoon with both hands or salute with the right hand, as it is your moral obligation. Address teachers with respect.
  5. Give a helping hand to the Headmaster, teachers or pupils whenever necessary.
  6. While entering or leaving class rooms control your-self and walk steadily without rushing and running. Allow the elders to go first. When moving from class to class keep together in your squad in a line in an orderly fashion.
  7. Learn to form a queue and take your turn when moving from class to class silently.
  8. Tap the doors gently when you want to enter any closed class room and await for the teacher's permission.
  9. Finish the assignments given to you yourself, with-in-the time allotted.
  10. Take good care of your articles. Take care of the belongings of other schoolmates also.
  11. Spend your leisure time usefully in the library or reading room.
  12. Be helpful to the newly admitted pupils in the proper observance of the rules and discipline of the school. Let your conduct inspire emulation by those who are newly admitted.
  13. Treat decently those who are younger or weaker than you.
  14. Help visitors to the school, after asking them politely what they want. When speaking to visitors at school address a lady as 'Madam' and gentleman as 'Sir'.
  15. Learn to say 'Beg your pardon' if a person is inaudible and you wish the words to be repeated.
  16. When you make a request to the teacher or other pupils begin with "Please" or "Excuse me" When you finish or when you receive any help say "Thank you".
  17. Get the permission and consent of the Head of the School to organize an activity or collect money for any purpose in or outside the schools.
  18. Be honest and go straight to the point when making any request or suggestion to teachers or Head of the Institution.
  19. Before entering 'HM's room say "Excuse me, Sir." and with the permission of HM go in.
  1. Use the interval at school particularly for your personal conveniences, so that you can concentrate during class hours.
  2. Keep your notes, books and belongings neat and tidy.
  3. Come to school well groomed, dress within your means and wear simple, decent and clean dress.
  4. Make your teeth, body and clothes clean before coming to school.
  5. When forced to cough, sneeze, yawn or blow nose in public, do it quietly using a hand-kerchief.
  6. Keep the school premises, the school garden, play fields and class rooms scrupulously neat and clean.
  7. Use the taps in the school to wash yourself, your face or hands. Leave the bath rooms and flush as clean as you found them. Queue up when you must.
  8. Spit in the place assigned, when you must, and use waste paper baskets dust-bins and garbage drums for throwing waste materials.
  9. Us a good pen and keep it in good condition.
  10. Maintain neatly and cleanly all the walls, furniture and equipment in the school.
  1. Maintain an atmosphere for study in the class room.
  2. Listen to the class teacher. Be a good listener. Discover the importance of paying attention to your teachers. Give proper responses to his questions and instructions.
  3. Get the permission of the teacher if you must enter or leave even your own class.
  4. Always occupy the seat assigned to you in the class room.
  5. Sit erect and concentrate your attention to the class work on hand.
  6. Stand up respectfully in your place when your teachers come near your seat.
  7. Stand up respectfully in an upright posture, when your teacher or any respectable visitor enters or leaves the class room and sit down only when asked to do so.
  8. Make your teachers feel happy about teaching and guiding you, by attending closely and responding to their teaching.
  9. Keep your books inside the desk and take them out silently.
  1. Attend regularly all classes, games, assemblies, meetings and activities at school as regular attendance will help your progress, promotion to the next class and personality development.
  2. Get leave of absence for one or more periods in a day or for days if needed form the HM in advance by producing a leave letter from the parent or guardian.
  3. Submit a medical certificate with your leave letter for 5 or more days of absence due to illness..
  4. Attend necessarily on the reopening and closing days of the school.
  1. Read good books and journals. Develop the habit of using a dictionary properly.
  2. Read quietly in the reading room and library where other pupils are engaged in concentrated reading. Observe strict silence.
  3. Conduct yourself in a dignified way moving about quietly in the library.
  4. Replace the magazines and papers in their original places when you have finished reading them.
  5. While going though an illustrated publication in the library or reading room, read carefully the captions or foot-notes and observe the points illustrated carefully without merely seeing the picture.
  6. Follow the prescribed procedure in getting book or magazine form the library. Fill in the form and hand it over to Library official's attention to any damage found in it.
  7. On receiving a book examine it at once and call the Library official's attention to any damage found in it.
  8. Return or renew the books on or before the due date according to the prescribed procedure.
  9. Take good care of each and every book so that other pupils may also have the benefit of it.
  10. Leave your books, boxes, bags, umbrellas or other personal articles at the entrance to the Library and Reading Room.
  11. Consult the reference books in the library itself.
  12. Return all the books for the purpose of annual verification on the date fixed for the purpose.
  1. Take an active interest in all the activities and celebrations of the schools as part of your civic training because they will help you to discover yourself and your talents and to train you for leadership, emotional integration, loyalty to the motherland and national and international outlook.
  2. Follow the advice of your superiors in the conduct of all co-curricular activities in the school including choice of topics for discussion in meetings, persons for invitation, places for visit, etc.
  3. Arrange any meetings, party excursion or visit only after the specific written permission of the Head of the Institution.
  4. Help to conduct Pupils Association and other meetings in the most useful and peaceful way.
  5. Develop a right attitude to all religious, languages, communities, castes, regions and thus also keep up the dignity of the individual and reflect secular attitude in all your activities at school.
  6. Learn to be a good leader and see the value of every one working with the leader. Obey the leader, and group leaders at all times.
  7. Do your duties willingly and cheerfully. Do things together with others.
  8. Respect the National Flag and the National Anthem. Stand in a posture of attention, respectful silence and Zeal when the flag is hoisted or the National Anthem is sung.
  9. The National Anthem has to be sung properly with others. Sing loudly, clearly and correctly. Learn to sing together with others. Leave only after the singing programme is finished.
  10. Stand up respectfully when the Head of the Institution, teachers, other speakers, or distinguished guests enter for the meetings.
  11. During debates, clarify your points calmly with proper arguments and throw light on them.
  12. At the end of the meetings, stand up respectfully, allow the guests, elders and ladies to leave the hall first and then leave the hall in an orderly manner.
  1. Attend Physical Education Classes compulsorily. Use the Physical Education Periods fully.
  2. Obtain leave from the concerned teacher previously, if you must take it. Get exemption from physical exercises and games with a doctor's certificate, in advance.
  3. Arrange matches and sports-meet with the written permission of the head of the institution, in advance.
  4. Develop the team spirit. Be loyal to the team. Learn to put the good of the team before self.
  5. Have fair play at all times and good participation, not just winning.
  6. If you win or lose cheer the other side heartily.
  7. Conduct yourself in an orderly way when participating in games or sports outside the school as the name and honor of your school depend on you and upon your conduct.
  8. Obey the referee at all times.
  9. When staying in other schools and places while participating in matches or sports, let your conduct be exemplary. Leave the rooms cleaner then you found them.
  10. Keep the playground clean and safe for use
  1. Take care of the school properties and also keep a watch over them.
  2. Keep the furniture, books, equipment, pictures, notice board, garden or playground in good condition.
  3. Handle carefully all the science equipment in the laboratory, games equipment, audio-visual equipment, and musical instruments which are bought at huge cost after great efforts. Put them in order in their original places after use.
  4. Handle chairs, teapoys, desks and table carefully and use them for the purpose for which they are maintained.
  5. Leave the furniture of the class room cleaner then you found them, after using them.
  6. Use water and electricity in the school only to the extent necessary.
  1. Enter the examination hall only after the first bell and five minutes before the time fixed for giving out the paper.
  2. Observe strict silence in the examination hall.
  3. Take with you into the examination room only the items or articles which are permitted.
  4. Write your answers within the time assigned to each paper. After completing the answers, rise from your seat and remain standing till the room supervisor takes your answer book.
  5. Submit a medical certificate with your leave letter and get the permission of the head of the school, if you are unwell during the examination.
  6. Show your answer papers of class tests or other examination to your parents or guardians when teachers return them after correction.
  7. Show to the parents or guardians the progress reports issued monthly or after terminal examination. Return them before the due date with their signature.
  8. In all matters relating to conduct of examinations obey the advice of your teachers and Headmaster.
  1. Pay promptly for what you buy in the school canteen.
  2. Keep the premises and furniture clean in the school canteen.
  3. Form a queue when you must, so that every one can have his chance.
  4. Speak or discuss in a mild tone at the eating table.
  5. Take only the necessary time for taking your food, to give place for others waiting.
  6. Throw water or food only at the assigned place.
  7. Treat the servants in the school canteen with human courtesy and respect.
  8. Leave plates, cups or tumblers at the place specified Handle them carefully.
  9. Eat your lunch in the school only at the fixed place. Before you leave the place clean it.
  10. Better eat what you bring from home or get from the canteen.
  1. Behave properly not only in school but outside also as you are responsible to school authorities for your behavior outside also.
  2. Respect all elders, including parents, teachers, strangers, the sick and physically deformed people. Give them any assistance they need. If there are any strangers who need help, ask them "May I help you" and help them to the extent possible.
  3. Greet elders with both hands or salute with right hand respectfully and cheerfully.
  4. As a school pupil, engage yourself in school and social activities only. Keep off from political or anti Government activities.
  5. During school hours be in the school.
  6. Observe the rules of the road and develop a road-sense while walking, cycling or driving. Follow a policy of give and take. Think of the other person on the road and give place to him or his vehicle.
  7. Walk in the foot path even if your go in a group.
  8. Cross the road only at the correct place meant for crossing.
  9. Politely stand up and offer your seat to any needy person while you travel in a crowded bus or train.
  10. Keep our public places and public property neat and tidy, safe and in good condition.
  11. Conduct yourself in the best way in public conveyances, pubic meetings, celebrations, processions, recreational activities, places of public resort or workshop, excursion, visits, etc.
  12. In public meetings leave only after the National Anthem has been sung.

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Golden Jubilee Year
1965 -2015

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